Master Composers: Daniela Mercury has lots of talent

Charismatic, graceful singer dazzles on CD/DVD package


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Daniela Mercury was born on July 28, 1965 in Salvador, Bahia and is the most decorated Brazilian artist with 14 Number 1 hits.

She grew up in a middle class neighborhood with four other siblings, one of them would later become a singer named Vania Abreu (no relation to the popular first baseman from the Chicago White Sox baseball team in Jose Abreu).

During the 1980’s, she went from singing in bars to dancing and later becoming the lead singer for Cheiro de Amor.  By 1988, she sang backup to Gilberto Gil.  This was three years after getting married and eventually having two kids of her own named Gabriel and Giovana Almeida Povoas.

After producing 11 albums between 1991 and 2015, I thought that her fifth live concert album would be a great way to usher in America’s national holiday with a party that she called simply, Canibalia.

The 12 song CD features many popular songs, but the 22 track DVD is simply to die for:


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Originally recorded on New Year’s Eve 2010 at Copacabana Beach, she opened with a high-stepping number, “Mibra” and continued with her dance troup on Track 2, a potpourri of four various sambas.

With spectacular aerial shots of three boats seeing the massive crowd from a distance, Daniela slows down the pace just a little bit on Track 3.  A full traditional drum ensemble emerges by Track 5 and by Track 6, she dives into full Carmen Miranda mode.

As images of Carmen play on the 70 foot tall big screen, “O Que E Que A Bahiana Tem” is a toe-tapping, hand clapping good time.  She even claps the microphone while more clips of Carmen Miranda dominate the audience.  Two guys pick her up as the song ends.

By Track 7, she walks towards the center of the audience as the crowd holds their hands way up in the air.  As “Sol do Sul” plays, the crowd moves their hands to the right, then to the left similar to the waves of Copacabana Beach.

Another fun song can be found on Track 10, “Quero A  Felicidade”.

By Track 12, the crowd was able to catch their breath and following the intermission Daniela emerged in this rather cute black number:


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High energy all around during the second half of this performance.

Track 15 featured a true sight for sore eyes–several samba dressed dancers as if a mini version of Carnaval was breaking out.  Track 16, “Vide Gal” even featured one guy dressed up as a white Bumba bull (I kid you not) but it was really cool to see the crowd sing at the end of the song.

The final songs have her holding up what looks to be a very large broom with half the wooden stick to boot.  Several floral images dominate the big screen on “Paixao de Coracao” (Track 17), but the real fun happens on Track 20 with a full-scale jump around on “Swing Da Cor.”

Even for good measure, more white square drums and tons of fireworks over the beach close out the show.

A bonus song lasting four minutes and a nice behind-the-scenes look of the concert rounds on the DVD.

Daniela’s comment early on in the bonus features really struck me the most as she talked about her vision for the project inside a major art gallery:

“Perception of colors that match with the place that we were born.

The love for the colors, the relation of comfort.”

She also talked about the fact that over 200 people helped make this DVD possible.

Even Vava, their Creative Director talked a bit about the “big spectacle” that this concert would present.
By the seventh minute, we see Daniela in the recording studio (November 2010) as the percussionist, bass player, and DVD director each speak on how great Daniela truly is as a performer.

A full scale reggae drum practice takes place two days before Christmas of 2010.  Daniela takes time to speak to the favelas, the little downtrodden children needing help.  Even one guy behind the scenes called her, “the Brazilian Madonna.”

She rounded up the nearly 16 1/2 minutes with her singing before entering the stage and briefly explaining her reasons why “emotions” are a key component of this DVD.  Overall, high energy and lots of fun–worthy of ultimate party atmospheres.

And yes, this Daniela Mercury DVD is housed inside the CD for easy storage.

I will offer up one more cool DVD concert review featuring Ana Carolina later this week.  Hope to see you all then.

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