Olympic Update: Make It A High-Five for Michael Phelps

Qualifies for fifth consecutive Summer Olympics in 200 meter butterfly

The finishing time was 1:54.84, but that did not matter in the end without shattering his own record set back in 2009 when it was 1:51.51.

Bottom line, Michael Phelps set a new men’s record for qualifying for a fifth straight Summer Olympics.   With him being a new father and hopefully with his past trangressions finally in the rear-view mirror, this will be another great opportunity to reshape his legend.

Ryan Lochte also qualified, but the big shocker was on the women’s side.

Missy Franklin, the 2012 gold medalist in the 100 meter backstroke lost in her chance to repeat.  Also not going is popular champion from Athens and Beijing, Natalie Coughlin.  Instead, it will be Olivia Smoliga and Kathleen Baker took the top two spots at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials on Tuesday.  Smoliga clocked in at 59.02 seconds while Baker finished at 59.29.  Franklin finished seventh in 1:00.24 and Coughlin came in last clocking in at 1:00.48.


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