Concert Review: Ana Carolina

Born on September 9, 1974 in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Ana did her first studio album at age 24 in 1999.  She also did a live album with Seu Jorge (a future blog subject), but most of her albums have been produced in odd years except during 2008.

This DVD was recorded at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo, for the popular TV show on November 24 and 25, 2007.


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Throughout most of the 24 tracks, Ana takes on a mostly casual but solid pace.  The setting reminds me a lot of the PBS Soundstage series that WTTW in Chicago made famous during the early 1980’s.

Small note of warning–if you access the English translation in the first two minutes, she sings some major cuss words not worthy of blog posting.

Acting between a cross of Sheryl Crow and Madonna during the early 1990’s, she even got to do some guitar on Track 5, “Carvao”.

Around the 42nd minute, she gives a speech as if she was a downtrodden lover looking win back her man–very interesting speech overall but not over the top as far as talking sexy is concerned.

We then see her playing the piano and back on the guitar (such is the magic of post-editing, huh ladies and gentlemen?), but the effort of her bandmates is simply amazing to behold.

Even one song, the English translation may think another version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding crashed this concert.  But the final 5 songs are at a pace similar to what the Bangles made famous in 1986 with their mega hit single, “Walk Like An Egyptian.”

Among the bonus features:

There are less than seven minutes chronicling the behind the scenes as the band mates and extras gear up for the big moment.

But what stands this concert apart from others is that there is an 11 minute section entirely devoted to Ana’s life and career.  She explains things with photos and showing off her scrapbook of newspaper articles from around the time she was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in 1999 and other tidbits about her music.

There is also some audio commentary as well.

So, if you don’t mind reading some lyrics ranging from the overtly sexual or moments that nearly straddle the line of sublime and raucous–this DVD is available both on Amazon and eBay.

I hope my American friends have a safe and happy Independence Day holiday weekend.

With less than five weeks until the torch is finally lit in Rio to kick off the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, my final CD reviews will hopefully whet your appetite for a big return shortly after the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Here is what you can expect:

Week of July 6–Will Downing Euphoria

Week of July 11–Marina Elali, Novelas and a two-fer from Seu Jorge

Week of July 18–O Melhor de Joanna

Week of July 25–Highlighting the short jazz career of 1984 Olympic basketball gold medalist from Team USA, Wayman Tisdale with his cleverly worded Hang Time album.

And then…I will begin covering like a blanket these Summer Olympic sports beginning on Saturday, August 6 and continuing until the final recap of the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, August 21:

  • Basketball, both men’s and women’s disciplines
  • Volleyball, both indoor 6-on-6 and beach variety from picturesque Copacabana Beach
  • Rugby Sevens, just because the matches take only 20 game minutes to complete, 24 for the gold medal final game
  • Plus, any other quirky tidbits on any news emanating from the Rio nightclubs to how funny the Today show crew tries to do their best samba dancing that will no doubt make the rounds on Twitter
  • And if any of my past and present MPB subjects are willing to contribute some thoughts on the first Olympics to invade South America, you ladies are more than welcome to take part.
  • Above all else, if anything breaks as far as if any rowers or sailors might fall ill due to their boats capsizing during competition or just doing their normal celebratory romps in the infested waters, I will definitely err on the side of caution.  If there is one thing I have learned in my years of blogging, there are certain subjects that might be considered blog worthy–and some that are not.

Case in point:  Any story about any type of violence does not belong in the Games.  The Olympics are to be a peaceful gathering among nations in the support of ambassadorship and constant goodwill.  If those stories dominate at any point during the Games, my blog will go silent until things calm down and then I will explain my reasoning briefly depending on the situation that was dealt with by the IOC, et al.

With the increased security concerns at each venue now taking center stage along with the threat of the Zika virus not being totally contained, I am pretty sure our laundry list of prayers for every official, worker, broadcaster, and volunteer involved would probably fill up at least 2,000 of Noah’s Ark boats.

Bottom line, I will cover the sports the way they are supposed to be covered–between the white lines.  Similar to my other blog when I chronicle each NCAA Tournament during the crazy month of March spilling past the first weekend in April, when great plays happen–I will highlight it.  If a key player makes the key assist or special dig on the sand that we always remember, I will try my best to highlight it.

Sure, I realize there will be plenty of reporters covering every Olympic event.  I am doing this because it will be a fun diversion instead of me covering at least one CD or concert DVD every week.  I am really looking forward to taking a much needed break from reviewing CD’s, which I am pretty sure you will all understand when looking back at what I said during this particular time.

And I really wish and pray that the final construction is getting done and the ribbons are about to be coming off (theoretically speaking, I hope) so tourists and local fans can savor this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of soaking the memory of hosting the greatest athletes in the world.

See you all sometime after July 5.





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