Master Composers: Seu Jorge Two-Fer


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Seu Jorge was born on June 8, 1970 as Jorge Mario da Silva in the favela currently known as Belford Roxo, near Rio.  Growing up in such trying circumstances, he even spent three years being homeless between the ages of 19 and 22.  He cites Stevie Wonder as one of key musical influences.

The music on both albums that I have highlighted feature him doing many peppy and good spirited songs, similar to what you would find at Rio street festival.  The first album from 2004 is simply titled “Raw”, and features 10 cutting-edge tracks.  There are also a a pair of bonus tracks from “Large Chested Mania” (Track 2, given a Jamais Plus Jamais Mix) and the first track “Tive Razao” (English translating to mean, “I Was Right”) on the final track.  The last four tracks slow down considerably in pace.

The second album came out in 2010 and features mostly slow songs, with the true highlights appearing early and often.  From “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” (Track 7) and the late, great Michael Jackson’s hit “Rock With You” (Track 9), there are plenty of songs on this album perfect for a summer get-together or just traveling along a beach soaked highway in southern California or along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

Seu currently makes his home with his wife and children in Los Angeles and has even dabbled in fashion with helping launch the Rachel Roy collection of footwear, sportswear, jewelry, and handbags found in Macy’s department stores nationwide.

On Friday, I will close out the week with Will Downing’s Euphoria album.

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