Olympic Update: Rugby Sevens Draw

For the first time since 1924, rugby will be contested at the Olympics.

But unlike over 90 years ago, when matches featured 15 men to a side sometimes took up to two or three days to complete, these matches will be very T.V. friendly.

At the same time the average person can take a shower, complete a bank deposit inside a branch or pick up a carry-out at Papa John’s or similar pizza places, a single match will take only ten (10) minutes per half, twelve (12) minutes per half during the gold medal match.

The draw was conducted on Tuesday, July 5 by World Rugby.

The women will go first, beginning on Saturday, August 6 when France will take on Spain at 11 a.m. Rio time (10 a.m. Eastern).

After a full three days of competition, the women’s gold medal will be decided in a march starting at 7pm (6 p.m. Eastern) on August 8.

The men start play the next day.

Australia will do battle with France on August 9, 10 a.m. Eastern and the gold medal will be contested on August 11 at 6 p.m. Eastern time.

Expect the All Blacks team for New Zealand to be the favorites, but look out also for Fiji and maybe if the United States can bring that true football mentality to the sport and run like the wind–maybe an upset or two could happen.

The full men’s schedule can be accessed here:


The women’s schedule can be found by clicking or tapping here:


All matches will take place at Deodoro Stadium.  Think of it as if some maverick owner decided to pluck a stadium just a mere 15 feet away from a desolate highway in the American West–even Old Route 66 where the 2015 SI Swimsuit Issue was being filmed for the Travel Channel’s five part series, it could qualify as a unique destination with the mountains firmly in the background.

I will try my best to update everyone on the results of the day and what it will mean going to the next phase by the time the medal round takes place.




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