Olympic Update: Nate Ebner Realizes His Dream

As reported by ESPN and NBCOlympics.com on Monday, New England Patriots safety Nate Ebner has made the United States men’s rugby sevens team.  Having competed in rugby since he was young, Ebner is about to achieve his lifelong dream.  And yes, even the Patriots’ Twitter feed is very happy for him too (no big mention about Head Coach Bill Belichick’s reaction to not having one reliable player to start training camp in late July).

He is believed to be the first NFL player to ever compete in the Summer Games.  By contrast, some people might remember former great running back for the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings Herschel Walker, when he suited up as part of the four-man bobsled team in the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Games.

Unlike the full head-on collisions with pads and helmets which are commonplace on your typical NFL football Sunday, this sport has no pads and everybody’s wearing shorts.

In separate news…former Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best will be part of the running of the 100 meter dash when he suits up for his native Saint Lucia.

Next week, I will pay a special tribute to one of the members of the 1984 gold medal winning United States men’s basketball team who is no longer with us–but left behind a ton of memories not just on the basketball court, but for fans of Brazilian jazz music in general and American smooth jazz in particular.

Please try your best to stay cool with this impending heat wave set to take hold on most of the nation during the rest of the week.


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