Artists Worth Checking Out: Marina Elali Definitely Brings Out the Sizzle Factor


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One look at Marina Elali’s 2015 album and all you can safely say is one word–amazing.

The first five tracks are mostly sung in English, highlighted by one of the theme songs to the 1996 Centennial Olympics in Atlanta–Gloria Estefan’s “Reach”.

The pace remains both slow and calm until Track 8.  The pace picks up on the remixes to “All She Wants” and “One Last Cry”.

Overall, another excellent album from one simply talented musician.  The disk is available online, at Amazon and eBay.

I surely hope and pray that she will be appearing at the Opening Ceremony in a few weeks.

In the meantime, with most of the United States stuck in the grips of a major heat wave for the next several days…how about some gorgeous pics followed by a few past links to previous blog posts covering Marina Elali’s past works.  Stay cool, everybody.



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