Master Composers: Known by only one name, Joanna truly shines in his own unique way


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Born as Maria de Fátima Gomes Nogueira on January 27, 1957, the MPB artist simply known as Joanna has inspired and done beautiful romantic music for over two decades.

According to the Portuguese Wikipedia site, it mentions that he composed eight different albums between the years 1979 and 2001.

His greatest hits album came out in 2007, and it has plenty of calm, relaxing hits.  Perfect for having company over for dinner or reading some general magazine while waiting either at the doctor or dentist’s office–this is definitely a great disk to add to your Brazilian jazz library.

14 tracks in all and the album lasts a little over 50 minutes in length.  The best songs are on Track 3, “One Andaras” (translated meaning, “Where Will You Walk”) and Track 12, “Sempre No Meu Coracao” (translated meaning, “Always In My Heart”).


Just the right time to enter themes regarding love, togetherness, and sticking around when the going gets tough–which will  definitely apply for each of the thousands of athletes taking part int the 2016 Rio Olympics.

My final CD review before the Games of the XXXI Olympiad take center stage will profile a heralded college basketball player who played in the same era as Michael Jordan of North Carolina, Patrick Ewing of Georgetown, Ralph Sampson of Virginia, and Chris Mullin of St. John’s (New York).

Wayman Tisdale was a three-time All-American from the University of Oklahoma.  He helped win gold during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, who were coached by then longtime Indiana University coach Bob Knight.  The image of seeing the players react shortly after the buzzer sounded inside the Forum remains as special now as it did many years ago when then ABC Sports covered their last ever Summer Olympics.

In 2006, he released a really neat smooth jazz album which does feature some nods to Brazilian jazz in general.  He was in the middle of a 19 year jazz career before he left the world way too soon in May 2009.

And he did it all in a style uniquely his own.  Personally, I think it is the right time to honor his legacy going into another Summer Olympics.

Please look for that blog before the end of the week.  Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for supporting my blog.


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