Master Composers: Moacir Santos was quite a talent



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Moacir Santos (1926-2006) left behind quite an impact on the genre of Brazilian jazz.   Between 1964 to 2005, Santos created eight albums–some on the legendary Blue Note record label.

The albums I profiled here are from 2005 and just before his passing, as Muiza Adnet teamed up with him to produce some very soothing, calm, and likeable songs.  Her brother Mario, Ricardo Silveira, and Gilberto Gil also collaborated on the album.

Both albums are excellent to listen to while having a dinner party, fun gathering with friends, or nice music to kick back to late at night.  It is not rushed and is superb for repeat listening.  The best songs are Track 9, “De Haia Ao Ceara” on the 2005 album and on the Adnet album, Tracks 3, 8, and 9 are nice songs.  The title “Wake Up And Smile” should resonate everywhere we go in this world, and I am glad that they both had a chance to share in some nice music and really cool pics inside the 2006 album.

But perhaps the best quote from Moacir himself is on the back cover of the digipak:

“If I were the emperor Muiza would be my exclusive singer.”

I guess the Adnet family was hoping to set up special Brazilian instruments in heaven.  Both albums are available online.

Later this week, I hope to get around to another cool Brazilian jazz album for your listening pleasure as autumn finally arrives in the northern half of the United States.

Enjoy your day, everybody.


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