Artists Worth Checking Out: Danni Carlos


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Born as Daniela Carlos de Araújo on July 2, 1975 in Rio, Danni Carlos is a mix of Olivia Newton John mixed with a little of Amy Grant paired with Fabiana Passoni and Monica da Silva of Complicated Animals all rolled into one.

Inbetween a five album run that she produced every single year from 2003 until 2007, she has performed covers of today’s popular American standards in rock from Madonna to the late Roy Orbison, U2, Oasis, No Doubt, and the Goo Goo Dolls.

This 2005 album is a slow ballad rock lover’s dream.  Mixed with a nice, steady blend of acoustic rhythms and blues beats from time to time, this 55 minute album is perfect for any Friday night.

However, some of the track listings are different than what was printed by RCA:

  1. “Sowing The Seeds of Love”, a Top 10 Billboard hit by Tears for Fears
  2. “Kiss Me”, from Sixpence None the Richer–briefly messed up on one word of the lyrics where she says “milk twilight” instead of, “Beneath the milky twilight”.
  3. “You Got It”, the popular rock song from the late Roy Orbison
  4. “Drive My Car”, from the Beatles
  5. “Wonderwall”, the popular hit song by Oasis
  6. “Don’t Have To Be Rich”, by Tom Jones
  7. “Losing My Religion”, the mega-popular 1991 hit by R.E.M. which will be receiving a double CD reissue in November for the Out of Time album
  8. “With or Without You”, a much slower ballad than what U2 brought to the masses in 1987
  9. “It Must Have Been Love”, a mega-hit from the early 1990’s by the trio of women simply known as Wilson Philips
  10. “Back On The Chain Gang”, is a popular football song by The Pretenders from their 1984 Learning To Crawl album.  Chrissie Hynde, watch out!  Five tracks later, another popular song from the 1987 Get Close album gets the full Portuguese treatment on “Don’t Get Me Wrong”.

The album closes out with Madonna’s early 1990’s mega-hit power ballad, “Like A Prayer” along with Coldplay’s early hit tune, “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” and No Doubt fans will be excited to hear a samba twinged version of “Don’t Speak.”

More cool album reviews are slated for October.  Enjoy your weekend.



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