Artists Worth Checking Out: Tie Brings In Cheery Pop


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Not much biographical information on Tie (pronounced like “she”) is around, but her 2014 album from Warner Music gained quite an online presence in 2016.

According to the website, it mentioned Tie she was busy being a mother to her two daughters named Amora and Liz.

The album is very bubbly, very cheery, very cute.  And even her English is almost a cross between Bebel Gilberto, Paula Fernandes, and Marina Elali.

Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, all 12 tracks are a really cool listen.  My favorite tracks were her two English versions of “Gold Fish” leading off and “All Around You” as the closing number, plus the title track (Track 6) is very nice as well.

The slipcase is available online and it should be another great album to add to your Brazilian jazz library.

Speaking of which, on Friday…jazz veteran Bob Baldwin will have his first Christmas album that will be made available for purchase via CD and hopefully will be available for instant webstreaming.  Yes, initially I was planning to blog about his summer entry The Brazilian-American Songbook.  But rather than jinx myself just before Christmas, I have decided to play it safe and hopefully give that album its’ due shortly after January 2, 2017.

See you later on today for my lone yuletide holiday album review.

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