Artists Worth Checking Out: Bob Baldwin brought last minute joy during 2016


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Bob Baldwin continues to produce more quality music.

In the final weeks leading up to Christmas 2016, he did one album each on both continents.

Disk one was recorded in Rio, aka “Movement I”:

Lots of fusion and funky grooves dominate this disk, with Cafe da Silva contributing with “Ipanema Fusion” on Track 2.  Other notable tracks include the steady Torcuato Mariano on Tracks 4 and 5, and Gigi helping out on vocals with “Lookin’ At Me” on Track 8.  The popular “Love Dance” gets a nice medley paired with “May I Have This Dance?” on Track 13, while the steady smooth jazz number “Children of The Sun” closes out the Brazilian portion.

Disk two was recorded in New York City, aka “Movement II”:

A very upbeat song as if David Benoit was behind the piano leads off with “Home From Work”.  Porter Carroll II did a nice romantic ballad called “For You” on Track 4, while “Summer Madness” on Track 5 might remind some people when smooth jazz was on terrestrial radio doing its’ own thing 24 hours a day, long before streaming media became the norm for discovering new jazz talent.

Finally, a couple of the songs were dedicated to the late, great Maurice White–a jazz talent gone too soon.

But the real reason I got this CD in time for Christmas was inside:

There is a spectacular image of Copacabana Beach, minus the Olympics setup in the foreground.  I bet that any photographer trying to get the proper poster shot around Lake Shore Drive in Chicago may not accomplish similar results.

The Manhattan skyline dominates the back of the liner notes and the opening flap.  Also inside are some cool words of gratitude and a small prayer.

Overall, this is an excellent album for getting things done inside the house and garage on any weekend afternoon.  Great variety of slow and medium paced songs, but in no way this double album feels rushed–just a good variety of songs to get you through the day.

Next week, I hope to bring you one or two more cool album reviews.

Please try to enjoy the rest of your weekend.





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