Please pray for Halie Loren

She is going away, but only to the quietness of nature

I have enjoyed listening to Halie Loren for several years.  When she did some Brazilian jazz songs, it was a fun blog to cover.

But all of that changed when I read her Facebook page on Saturday afternoon.

She closed out her post by saying simply,

“I want to believe kindness will always win out… don’t you?”

Sometimes, we do need the quietness of nature to remind us what is pure, what are the simple things in life.

The need to recharge and take a few steps back is necessary, especially in this very hectic and uncertain world we live in.  At times, it feels like we as Americans (and practically the world over for that matter) are living in a fishbowl similar to being on your favorite reality TV show.  The worst part of all is that we are all sucked in it–whether we like it or not.

It is nice to see people take charge of their lives and make their own story as mainly relevant, challenging, wholesome, and important.  Time to think positive thoughts, breathe quality air, and recharge those batteries.

Please stay safe, Halie–myself and other fans here of this blog will be praying for your safe return.


From her music video, “Woman’s Way”, courtesy of YouTube

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