Artists Worth Knowing About: Salena Jones Teamed Up Nicely with the Jobims


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Born as Joan Elizabeth Shaw, there is some ambiguity about her actual year of birth.  She was born on January 29, either in 1930 or 1944.

This longtime veteran jazz and cabaret singer started her career in the United States following World War II.  She moved to England in the early 1960’s and the name Salena Jones came into being.

Salena has recorded over 40 albums (mostly dealing with standards from classic jazz and Hollywood) and has sold over 500,000 albums across the world.  My album pick of the week is from 1994 which was produced in Rio just eight months prior to Antonio Carlos Jobim’s passing that December.

Originally licensed from Japanese Victor by Vine Gate Music of the United Kingdom, Salena sings in very mellow and relaxed tones many of Jobim’s hit songs.  Son Paulo did some vocals , along with performing on the flute and guitar, while grandson Daniel Cannetti Jobim did the piano.  Antonio performs two duets and Kenny Burrell is featured on one of the tracks.

The album lasts just over an hour and is a very nice accompaniment for chilling and romantic vibes.  Many of Jobim’s classic hits are here, including “Antonio’s Song”, “The Girl/Boy From Ipanema”, and “One Note Samba.”

The liner notes from Paulo Thynnexy paint a nice picture of Salena’s career which blossomed in Japan starting in 1978 and has taken her to the many corners of the globe.  Overall, this album gets some high marks as a true Brazilian jazz classic as three generations of Jobim’s performed together for the first, last, and only time.

Speaking of romance, just in time for Valentine’s Day–I will be profiling the jazz grooves from Slowdown and their memorable Retrospectives album.  However, it is time to get back to the present day as my next album will feature a woman simply known as Ceu.  It just might join Les Hommes’ The Mood is Modal as part of your ultimate Spring Break playlist.

In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of your day and I will see you again with my next blog soon.


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