Artist Worth Checking Out: Cecilia Dale and her Standards In Bossa


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Sadly, there is not much biographical information about this artist.

But what I can say is that she has produced 5 different bossa standards albums from 2003 to 2008.  She also did a Christmas album.

My album pick of the week is her Standards in Bossa release from 2007.  It is available on Amazon.  The disk is very calm and lively, great music to relax by the fireplace or have your cocktails ready before the movie stars glam it up for the red carpet on Oscars Sunday.

The song list ranges from, “Night And Day” to “What’s New” and “As Time Goes By.”  My favorite is on Track 5, the lively and fun song, “Just One Of Those Things.”

Great music also to bake to as well or just the time slip by.  At a little over 47 minutes, you cannot go wrong.

My next album review made her big claim to fame during the mid 1960’s up until about 1980, but sadly lost her life in 2004 after many years of suffering respiratory problems and having brain damage to having a heart attack which cut her singing career short.

But the impact Rosinha de Valenca left on Sergio Mendes and Brasil 65 is still being felt by fans far and wide.  I will explore her earliest work over the weekend.  See you then.

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