Time to Take A 1980’s Bossa Break

Several early MTV rock hits, along with a small sprinkling of smooth jazz hits were given the bossa nova tribute.

This 2008 compilation album from Albatraz Music titled simply, “Bossa Project Lounge” (no artist information mentioned in the liner notes) is simply perfect music if you are waiting to go to the dentist or doing simple things around the home.  The rock numbers of Tears for Fears and Pet Shop Boys are stripped down to the basics.  Even The Pretenders famous 1986 hit single, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” replaces the familiar drum beats with piano bars instead.

Bananarama’s hit remake of “Venus” is one of the few interesting songs, along with Stevie Wonder’s classic jazz tune of “Overjoyed”.  But the final track left me slightly disappointed.  The Police’s 1983 hit, “Every Breath You Take” was a guitar man’s dream.  This song pretty much made me think of going to sleep, or at least–take a nice, long winter nap.

It is an average album at best, but at least the effort in not messing up on the original lyrics was nice.  Similar to the Cecilia Dale blog, this album can be found on Amazon.

Next week, I will bring back a feature where I profile multiple albums from the same artist.  This gentleman started out during the 1980’s and rose his way up the smooth jazz charts in the United States and also made a nice name for himself in Brazil.

His name is Leo Gandelman, and I will be profiling a trio of his key works devoted to Brazilian jazz over the next three weeks.  First up is the 1990 effort of Solar.

Hope to see you all then.  Take care, everybody.


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