Artists You Should Know: Leo Gandelman


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Born as Leonardo Gandelman on August 10, 1956 in Rio, this multi-talented composer and producer is best known on both sides of the Equator with his great work on the saxophone.

For the next few weeks, I will be profiling some of his key works starting with the 1990 album Solar (pronounced similar to “candy bar”).

Running about 53 minutes in length, 11 of the 12 tracks are mostly calm and good natured tunes–great for doing household chores or just baking your favorite desserts.

He teams up with Ricardo Silveira on four tracks:  “Baganas” (Track 2), “Little Bits” on Track 4, and “Traveler” on Track 7.  The only song that inspires people to get up and dance to the beat is when Gal Costa joins in on the “Bahian Hip-Hop” on Track 11.

The liner notes offer your usual credits of who performed besides Leo on each track, plus there is a nice B&W photo of a train rolling through the Brazilian countryside.  And on the back of the album, I have but one question:

Did Leo Gandelman look similar to former American pop star Richard Marx?

You be the judge.  Next Tuesday or Wednesday, look for a review of his 2001 work Brazilian Soul.

Please enjoy your weekend.


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