Fifth Annual Marco Loucura Tournament Just Around The Corner

Yes, coinciding with the wildly popular American NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, I have done a fun virtual tournament pairing up familiar and some not-so-familiar names in the Brazilian jazz world, past and present.

The entire draw will be released on Monday, so I am sure some of my favorite MPB artists might be curious to know where they will be seeded.

Unlike the real NCAA’s where the RPI and online rankings from the likes of Ken Pomeroy and the Sagarin ratings from USA Today are used to determine who is tournament worthy and which schools are not, I simply use one metric to determine who gets in my field of 68 and who does not:


And the best part about this fun bracket that I get to do each March is simple.  The only thing that is at stake when all is said and done come the first Tuesday in April is that the artist (living or dead) will get virtual bragging rights for an entire year.

No cash or prizes of any kind will be offered for being in this tournament.  Just the pure fun and love of the sport that I have enjoyed seeing on my television screens since 1979 should be reason enough.

That is why the brackets will mirror that of the actual NCAA Tournament.  If we have a 12 seed somewhere knocking out a 5, that artist gets an early spring and summer vacation.  But come the first days of April, my blog will be painted with cool pictures of the final combatants.

I hope you are all looking forward to seeing which names will be in your inboxes come Monday, March 13.  This weekend, the draw will be taking shape–similar to the real NCAA’s with 20 automatic bids to be decided in games played all over the United States.

And by the time many media members and bloggers discuss, dissect, and predict all 67 games of the upcoming “Big Dance”, my mind will need a breather.  This is how the Brazilian Fun Jazz Tournament was born.

See you all then.  Hopefully, this version of the bracket will promise to be fun and interesting.



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