Plenty of Recognizable Songs On “Brazilian Soul”


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By 2001, Leo Gandelman managed to bring on a trio of recognizable radio hits for smooth jazz fans the world over.

On the Jazzateria album Brazilian Soul and in particular–Tracks 2, 5, and 9 “Maracatu Atomico”, “Antiqua”, and “Rise” they are immediate songs that are instantly recognizable, at least IMHO.  They are all excellent songs to party to, or just have on cruising down the highway during a long road trip.

As for the first three songs and especially the last two, the beat goes down almost to a turtle’s crawl–a rather slow, methodical pace.

Overall, this is an excellent album and great addition to your jazz library.

Next week, look forward to both a CD and DVD behind the album review of one of his latest works simply titled, Vip Vop.  See you all then.

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