Many Surprises Leading Up to Marco Loucura’s Version of the Sweet 16 Round

As exhausting as it was for four nights during the real NCAA basketball tournament, there were many popular names from Brazilian jazz getting knocked off their high chairs as well.

Case in point:

In the Antonio Carlos Jobim Regional, Sylvia Telles came up huge against Ricardo Silveira before falling valiantly to the third seed of Marcio Montarroyos.

But no upset was bigger than last year’s champion of Joyce Cooling, being politely discarded by the 8 seed of the big hair and fancy eyelashes of Claudia Leitte.

And just before I typed this blog late on Sunday night, Ol’ Blue Eyes bit the dust again as Frank Sinatra got rudely kicked to the curb by the 7 seed of Ulisses Rocha.

Halie Loren’s bracket held up pretty well, even though Halie herself did a lot of good helping those less fortunate kids in Haiti.

The 11 seed of Pat Metheny advanced past the 6 seed of Boney James and breezed easily past the 3 seed of Paula Fernandes.

In the Milton Nascimento Region, another surprise as the 7 seed of Carol Welsman had just a strong enough voice to get by the 10 seed of Julie Dexter and also unseated a very popular pick in this blog, the second seed of California’s very own Fabiana Passoni.

Finally in the Oscar Castro Neves Region, most of the upsets took place relatively early on–as the 12 seed of Manu Santos smiled and pranced her way past the former Polish princess from Chicago in Basia.  Sadly, Santos’ run ended with her heels off against a more experienced 4 seed of Lori Carsillo.

And so, here are the updated brackets going forward as we head towards the final week of March.

Matchups will take place Thursday and Friday, with Elite Eight matchups over the weekend.  Enjoy:


8 Claudia Leitte vs. 4 April Aloisio

3  Marcio Montarroyos vs. 7 Ulisses Rocha


1 Bianca Rossini vs. 4 Sabrina Malheiros

Just as hot a matchup as all of the nerds that comprise the IT community in Silicon Valley near San Jose.

11 Pat Metheny vs. 2 Diana Krall

Yes, spring is not here yet in most of the country but I expect Diana Krall to show more than the usual goods in this matchup.


1 Marisa Monte vs. 4 Sherie Julianne

3 Walter Wanderley vs. 7 Carol Welsman


Form held true in this regional:

1 Michael Franks vs. 4 Lori Carsillo

3 Monica da Silva vs. 2 Gisele de Santi

The move to L.A. has really helped rejuvenate Monica and her fan base.

Question is, will it be enough to be considered an elite performance?

Tune in and find out again next week–same virtual bat time, same virtual bat blog.

In the meantime, please look for my final review of Leo Gandelman sometime later this week.  Please take care, everybody.

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