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Recorded between August 2003 and June 2004, the second release of Atemporal by Rio born Cris Braun is a nice weekend album to kick back and relax–or in the case of preparing for any holiday party, something to unwind to after a lot of cooking and cleaning.  According to the site, Braun moved to Maceió in the 1970’s where she learned to play the guitar and gained the chance to have singing lessons.  She began performing in shows in 1985, such as in Rio’s Mistura Fina nightclub after spending many years practicing keyboarding, percussion, and other composition techniques.  Her first album, Cuidado Com Pessoas Como Eu was released in 1997.

My album pick of the week was released in 2005.  Clocking in at nearly 35 minutes in length, this is a nicely packed treat with many laid-back and calm songs.  From the opening track, “Entre O Ceu E A Terra” (translated meaning, “Between Heaven and Earth” to the stylish middle Track 5, “Tudo Pode” (or “Everyone Can”)–there is something nice for everyone.

There is also one song in English, Track 8 with the slow, “Drum and Bass Is Past.”

Overall, this is an excellent album worth checking out.  Available on Amazon and for streaming on most online streaming media players.

Next week, I will dive into the works of a woman known by many in the media on both sides of the Equator as simply, “The Brazilian Sade.”

Speaking of which, if you are interested in looking back at a Brazilian jazz artist such as Gervaso Silva doing a cool take on many of Sade’s classic 1980’s hits such as one of my all-time favorite jazz songs in “Smooth Operator”, along with “Kiss of Life”, and “Hang On To Your Love”, simply tap or click on the link to my blog post from February 2016 below:

Please have a safe and happy Easter holiday weekend.

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