Artist Worth Checking Out: Two-fer with the Sade of Brazilian Jazz, Ive Mendes


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Born in Ceres, Brazil, Ive Mendes spent her childhood years on her parent’s farm.  She spent seven years teaching creative art and music before deciding to give it up and move on to creating music.

Ive would relocate to England in 1999, this before having suffered tragic losses with the loss of her older brother when he was kidnapped in Brazil along with a great musical friend Mark Smith two months after her first solo effort garnered double Platinum status when sales started in Poland of all places.

When you hear her sing one of Chicago’s big hits, “If You Leave Me Now”, you will probably hear a small bit of the familiar voice of Fabiana Passoni sprinkled in.  Again, this is just an observation I gained after listening to the album for the first time.

The dual CD came out eleven years later in 2010.  The true romantic vibes and references to Sade and Bebel Gilberto definitely rang true with songs ranging from, “Yellow”, “Letting You Go”, “I Don’t Wanna Know”, and “The Life That I Have” on the first disk.  The second disk continues the true laid-back themes with songs like “Estrada”, “Never Felt Love Like This”, “Beauty of the Blues” and “Around The Sun.”

These three disks are also nice background music if your lover wishes to stick around after serving dinner and dessert.  I found that every song is a very cool and easy listen.  Both of her albums should be also available for streaming over your favorite mobile device.

Later this week, I plan to profile an artist that I first heard about in December 2016 but did not get around to it in time due to the Christmas holiday period.  Look for a review on Gregg Karukas sometime later this week.

Hope to see you then.


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