Master Composers: Alexia Bomtempo Hits All The Right Notes

Her Chasing Storms and Stars album is sure to impress


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From the first moment Alexia Bomtempo sings the first note from the song searching for answers from within in “Crystallize”, to penning a long lost love letter on Track 2 in “I Thought About You”, and the only Portuguese speaking track “A Cada Canto” (translated meaning, “At Every Corner”), this jazz album is simply magnificent.

Of course, it takes almost like solving a jigsaw puzzle when you finally find where the title track was hidden.  If you listen really closely, it is located in the final forty seconds of Track 8, “Mexico”.

Other cool hits that will be definitely worth playing on repeat include, “Maybe I’m A Fool” (Track 7) and one of the rare smooth jazz songs possibly earmarked for Halloween when she penned the final track titled, “Oh the Vampyre”–remarking about crescent moons, among such devilish delights.

Overall, this album runs nearly 45 minutes and it definitely gets a five star rating in my book.  Alexia’s voice comes off so sweet and graceful, I almost think it is nearly a cross between Paula Fernandes and a touch of Bebel Gilberto.

It is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple iTunes, and other popular streaming music players.  With this being her third album coming every five years, this puts Alexia Bomtempo among the best of the best as far as Brazilian jazz artists are concerned.

Alexia, please take your place in line.  You simply deserve it.  As a loyal fan with you being a friend of this blog, I wish to say simply–

Job well done:). 



One response to “Master Composers: Alexia Bomtempo Hits All The Right Notes”

  1. Alexia Bomtempo (@alexiabomtempo) says :

    Thank you so much, Matt!
    I really appreciate you taking the time to listen so deeply to the album and I’m beyond excited that you enjoyed it so much!
    Thanks for the kind words and for supporting new Brazilian artists.
    All the best,

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