Entering The Final Stretch With Halie Loren

Kickstarter campaign enters final week hoping to meet goal to record 10th album

Halie Loren appeared on a few local radio stations Monday in her home state of Oregon continuing her passionate pleas and sounding in her voice a phrase that I normally use in my household as, cautiously optimistic.

Even after mentioning in some online interviews late last week in getting some other fans to join in the fun, the latest total on her Kickstarter page has donations adding up to:

$55,934 pledged of $64,000 goal, good enough for 87.4 percent of the goal.

There have been 275 backers to her project, including Yours Truly Online.  Everyone has averaged a cool $203.40 per contribution.

I am sure that Halie would trust me 100 percent so I can use my blog to simply say this timely but very important message:

Halie Loren simply deserves this chance to make her own unique album and conquer one of her many opportunities to create a new chapter in her already amazing life and career.

Even after all of the travel across oceans and continents and her frequent trips to find solitude in nature, all the while meeting hundreds upon hundreds of fans at her many concerts–I hope we all can make this tenth jazz album a reality.

Please do what you can, however small an amount to make her dream come true.

I wonder what type of emotion we will all express by the time we check on Halie’s Kickstarter page on Sunday morning.

My guess is that Halie Loren will be feeling either:

a) Like freaking out, as if an impromptu party has begun for the celebration of a job well done and that her many hundreds of fans came through when the chips were down and time was of the essence.

b) Crying very happy tears, because that is what most women do when they do something good.

c) Fully appreciative and eager to start a new chapter in her already amazing music career.

d) Wondering out loud and maybe cussing underneath her breath saying, “Why?”, “How come we missed out on those final dollars?”

e) Trying to come up with the perfect thank you video for her many thousands of fans.

My always kind Halie,

Regardless what happens this coming weekend–you have made me and many hundreds of fans so proud of your accomplishments.  You overcame your initial fear of crowdsourcing and have proven time and time again how honest, trustworthy, dedicated, and always being the cool and amazing person that you are–both inside and out.

I hope your dream comes true in achieving that $64,000 goal.

It all comes down to four simple words, words that I first saw on America’s only interurban railroad with my late father in November 1979 on a train trip to do some shopping for my mother inside the old Marshall Field’s store on State Street in Chicago.

The South Shore Railroad had a cute image featuring a cartoon image called, “The Little Train That Could”.  Alongside that image of a pair of trains chugging along the tracks was this timeless statement:

I think I can.  I think I can.

Say that to yourself as many times as you think you need to achieve your goals, no matter what obstacles and/or challenges might stand in your way.

Hopefully, when this month draws to a close–Halie Loren’s goal will be met.

Let us all make it happen.

I did my part, now please go ahead and do your part.



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