She Did It! Halie Loren Accomplishes Kickstarter Goal…And Then Some

Just read in my email at 5:24 p.m. Central Time this very happy news:

“Thank you so much to all who have helped to make this project happen!!!
You have made a huge difference in my life and in my art. To each of you, I send my deepest gratitude.

Any amount over the goal will still go toward endeavors around this project, such as music videos of the songs from the album (which I am particularly looking forward to) and promotion efforts to help this music reach farther out into the world!

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!”

The total stands at a robust $64,230 with an amazing pool of 314 backers helping Halie Loren in making her tenth jazz album (of all original material) a reality.

The dream has come true.  Nobody deserves it more.

And yes, I promise–once my signed CD arrives in the mail, I will blog about it for the blogging community to see.

Again, huge Congratulations to Halie Loren!

I am so happy and proud of you:).

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