Artists Worth Checking Out: Soulstance Turns Up The Relaxation Factor


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The Italian duo of Enzo and Gianni Lo Greco featured many pulsating rhythms perfect for any Friday or Saturday night.  With sultry tracks from “The Aftermath of Love” and “Kickin’ Samba”, and even the title track (Track 9), you cannot go wrong with this 2000 release.

Each track averages close to five minutes, perfect background music or if you feel like just lounging around.

And with the onset of winter’s chill taking a firm grip on the northern half of the United States, I thought of a few more albums to turn up the heat factor before the annual hectic period of what I usually call Thanksgiving as the “gobble gobble crunch crunch” type of holiday.

Next week, look for a short review on Fernanda Abreu’s memorable Sony Music offering Amor Geral and just before the Turkey break takes hold–I will provide a review of the 1999 Paulinho Nogueira work on Reflexoes, or “Reflections.”

In the meantime, lots of news (most of it was simply shocking and horrible) affected the world in my other blog on men’s college basketball.  Even after all of the murky details that was brought to the surface from late September on and affecting a prominent school with three players being caught in China in recent days, there is still going to be a season.

And yes, hopefully come March 12 or 13, I hope to proudly bring back my annual tradition strictly for virtual bragging rights–when the fifth Annual Marco Loucura Tournament returns.  At least, the names of the regions should remain the same:  Antonio Carlos Jobim takes care of the East, while the proud and always “cool cat” that is Halie Loren has a firm hold out West, the Midwest stays with the cool precision of the great Milton Nascimento, while the South carries on by the late and truly awesome Oscar Castro-Neves.

All of that and most things important to know can be found by tapping or clicking on this link below:

Please enjoy your weekend, and thank a veteran when you get the chance.

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