Happy Fifth Anniversary To My Blog


What great memories I have had the pleasure in sharing, thanks to many talented artists for making it happen:)

On November 14, 2012 I began this blog with the following words:

“Since the spring of 2008, I have thoroughly enjoyed (hearing) the cool sambas along with the really inviting bossa novas originating from Brazil.

I hope to use these blogs in mentioning about what forms of jazz from this popular South American nation (through many periodic album covers and classic YouTube clips from time to time) have either left their mark on history or to highlight up-and-coming artists that are definitely looking for more than just their pictures on random web search engines. I will either be focusing on an entire album or sometimes an individual track that I hope can inspire people to doing further learning on your own time.”

Several hundred entries later and having enough album reviews to fill an entire shelf, all I can truly say is that I am humbled, very grateful, and fortunate enough to enjoy doing this as one of my very special hobbies.

And for that, I decided to insert the image above as a small token of my appreciation.  Words alone cannot convey how special it has been hearing from many talented artists that I have interviewed and ones that I am looking forward to either interviewing again if new albums are released or for that new up-and-coming artist looking to spread a message–whether it is about coming together, love, friendship, true understanding of the world around us, or whatever makes us happy to be alive.

It has been real, and it has been fun at the same time.

Even when times have been rough for me otherwise online and offline, I could always come back and hit <Play> every week when I get the chance to savor some of the most relaxing and calm music this side of the Equator.  From the true pioneers that made bossa nova in the dramatic changing times of the 1960’s to the ever-growing wave of female musicians who are doing more than just putting their collective heels on.  They are carving out and writing their own musical chapters, each doing it with passion and grace that makes every artist sound truly unique.

My rants about Rio’s lack of preparedness heading into the 2016 Olympics aside, I hope I have made your days or nights go by a little more smoothly than when you woke up with your favorite station as your alarm and sipping into that hot cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Thank you to the many artists that I have had the pleasure of interviewing online.  I look forward to continuing my popular Q&A series in future blogs.

At the very least, I have enough albums in my library–even with the expanding plethora of more artists filing their works on popular online streaming players in the likes of Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud, to hopefully continue doing at least one album review a week until this decade is out.

Looking ahead…there won’t be too many vintage artists left to cover.  Names like Sylvia Telles, Jair Rodrigues, Pery Ribeiro, Aloysio de Oliveira, Jorge Ben, and if my ears can stand it–the drumlike precision of the Milton Banana Trio.  I hope to also track down the likes of Quarteto Em Cy, Leny Andrade, Marilia Medalha, and Claudette Soares to complete a majority of the “Master Composers” series.

In terms of current artists, one name I have been itching to cover is Liz Rosa.  I often hear her music, but I am hoping she could be a welcome addition to this blog come 2018.

With Halie Loren poised to soon join a select club in producing double digit albums, she has definitely earned more than her stripes after surviving and thriving in her first ever Kickstarter campaign.  Even with her consistent but always fun email posts, that album is scheduled for a spring 2018 release.

At least, you won’t have to wait that long for what will be coming next in this blog.

Come December, instead of the usual festive yuletide holiday mixes which some of you have probably heard a thousand times before…

Get used to these names that burst onto the Brazilian scene in 2017, like I found out when I interviewed Agencia Zanna back in August.

Look for reviews and hopefully a Q&A or two from these up-and-coming artists in my “Rising Stars” series:

  • Anitta
  • Belo
  • Ana Clara
  • Debora Cidrack, who did a killer cover of the 1993 rock hit by Ace of Base in, “All That She Wants”.

For those who have followed me, please continue to comment and stick around.  For the newbies to this blog, I hope you can go back and read some of my past posts and consider building a library of your own–whether on physical CD’s or adding albums to a online library and building your own Spotify playlist.  I know for a fact that besides Halie Loren, friends of this blog in Fabiana Passoni, Patricia Talem, Sabrina Malheiros, and Monica da Silva from the Complicated Animals each have their albums posted online.

As for a special moment, too many to count.  At least, the nine albums I highlighted above should at least scratch the surface.

Thank you again for all of your continued support.  Let us continue having fun!


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