Master Composers: Paulinho Nogueira Gave Us True Reflections


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Not influenced by jazz in the traditional sense, Paulo Arthur Mendes Pupo Nogueira definitely knew how to strike the right balance.  Forty years after releasing his first album for CBS Records in 1959, he came out with Reflexoes (or simply “Reflections”).

Very calm and laid back in tone, the approach is just right for your Thanksgiving tradition of breaking bread and wish bones and in my case, making the right tasting cranberry sauce that can feed more than a crowd if given advanced notice.

Songs like “Bachianinha #1” (Track 3) and “Zelao” (or “Jealousy” on Track 4 give off very soft vibes.  Combining hints of percussion with the guitar, his use of the earliest instruments like the violao made him an instant hit.  He would later produce a pair of Chico Buarque tribute CD’s before suffering a heart attack at his home in Sao Paolo on August 2, 2003.

The album runs about an hour in length and is available both for purchase on physical CD at sites like Amazon, eBay, and and should also be available for instant streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

For all of my American friends like Fabiana Passoni, Monica da Silva, Sherie Julianne, Bianca Rossini, and Halie Loren–I would like to wish everyone in the United States a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

It’s that Gobble Gobble, Crunch Crunch Time of the year:).

No matter how you plan to celebrate, please try to make it festive and fun.

I will be back again next week with a short EP review from Liz Menezes.   Please take care, everybody.

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