Master Composers: Claudette Soares


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Born in 1939, Claudette Soares was a major player on radio starting at the tender age of ten.  By 1954, she became a major crooner at the Hotel Plaza working with the likes of Luiz Eca.  Ten years later, her first foray into bossa nova was published.

My Pick of the Week takes us to another key album, with a lot of late Sergio Mendes mixed in.  From 1969, this album is available for physical CD purchase via Amazon with many online dealers in Japan.  For that reason, all of the liner notes inside are written in Japanese (say it with me like Charlie Brown when he was angry,


The disk is barely over 31 minutes long and is perfect for a Friday night, any Friday night on the calendar for that matter.  And yes, according to the Portuguese speaking Wikipedia page, Claudette is still alive performing her famous hits throughout Brazil.

Very bubbly, airy, and very dreamy in nature–this album is just right for kicking back with your favorite chilled drink of choice and kicking off your shoes (or heels in the case of all the ladies who might be reading).

My favorite tracks were the opening track, “Trem de Ferro” (translated meaning, “Iron Train”; Track 7, “Correnteza” (meaning, “Current”–being current), and Track 11 “Vem Balancar” (meaning “Come and Rock”).

Definitely an excellent disk to pair with today’s stars like Halie Loren (I simply cannot stop mentioning her name each time I type it), Patricia Talem, Monica da Silva from The Complicated Animals, and Sabrina Malheiros.

Next week, I will continue profiling more under-the-radar bossa nova pioneers from the 1960’s–as I am planning to do a blog about a quartet of singers simply called Quarteto Em Cy.

Please have yourself a great night and have some pleasant dreams.



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