Master Composers: Quarteto Em Cy


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A really nice album for a typical workday, along with the MPB Em Cy work…my Album Picks of the Week…this Brazilian girl group got their names in a very interesting way.

According to their Wikipedia page, they hail from the northeast region of Brazil in a town named Ibiraataia.  Their real names are Cybele, Cylene, Cynara, and Cyva.


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The group started performing in 1959, and according to the Cherry Red Records liner notes in the album I highlighted above–Christopher Evans mentioned about the group producing a whopping seven albums in a three year period.  They would take their act to the United States by the mid 1960’s by appearing on The Andy Williams Show and also with Joey Bishop.

Appearing on the legendary Forma and Elenco labels, their Som Definitivo album with Tamba Trio from 1966 represents the true heights of their work.

The “very intricate rhythms” featuring various progressions of the chords and the intricate rhythms of the group’s voices are also being used today by indie alternatives such as Stereolab and Belle & Sebastian to a certain degree.

The songs present an almost hushed tone, great music for any workplace.  Pace wise, some songs are fast and many of them are good natured, slow tempos–but not at a snail’s pace.

Eventually, the group gained even bigger popularity in Japan where three of the four sisters continue have been touring regularly since 1980.  Sadly, Cybele died on August 21, 2014 at at the age of 74 while having a lung ischemia at her Rio home.

Both albums are available for physical CD purchase on both eBay and Amazon.  Streaming media should have both albums available as well.  I give both albums very high ratings.

Next week, we are back to cover the guys for a change as I will highlight briefly the interesting career of Jorge Ben followed by someone in the current jazz genre making graceful waves out in Los Angeles.

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