Welcome To Year Number Six of Marco Loucura

The Annual Brazilian Fun Jazz Tournament,

With Plenty of Intrigue And Some Cool Suspense Abound

Between having a slow computer on Monday and taking the time to listen to four small, separate podcasts as America gears up for another fun period known as the NCAA men’s Basketball Tournament, I hope the wait was worth it.

I came up with the idea of doing a virtual version of “The Big Dance” in 2013, and it has been pretty well received.  No theatrics involving drinking games in certain pockets of Rio, Sao Paolo, or Los Angeles (or even really expensive champagne glasses were broken around Paris, France) was needed to determine the seeding and  bracketing of individual artists or groups.  Rather, I spent some time combing through my expansive CD library and try to come up with an interesting field of 68 names–past, present, and future.

In the end, I did not feel like doing an alphabetical list like what TBS did on Sunday evening in partially ruining one of the great American traditions in sports–

Who’s In and Who’s Out?

Some people will be happy, while others may probably be saying, “Awwwwww, Shucks–maybe next year.”  In the end, based on what happens in the real NCAA’s, the overall winner gets the honor of virtual bragging rights for an entire year.  If that artist happens to be no longer with us, that honor either goes to the next of kin or to some devoted fan who lives, breathes, and sleeps with every album in their own individual collections.

With that in mind, I am proud to present my…

Roster Of Marco Loucura Champions

2013 Fabiana Passoni *


Image courtesy of sandiegoreader.com

She beat out popular artist Djavan for the inaugural title.  Whether it is dancing in the sand or tapping her heels while lighting up a Southern California club, Fabiana simply has that magical look in her eye that conveys simple beauty and grace everywhere she goes.

Oh, you were wondering–why does her name have an asterisk to it?  Simple…

Unlike Louisville who ended up having their 2013 NCAA crown stripped in February 2018 following an over two year investigation stemming from a scandal which rocked their campus, I am happy to say that after everything that Fabiana has been through in her life (cancer survivor, raising triplets)–her virtual place is forever secured.

2014 Stan Getz


Image courtesy of quotesgram.com

Snarly attitude aside, Getz cleverly maneuvered past surprise finalist Gisele de Santi for the second annual Marco Locura crown.

2015 Frank Sinatra

Ol’ Blue Eyes was simply too daring, too much for Milton Nascimento that particular Monday night in April.  Similar that year to Wisconsin battling tooth and nail, there was too much Duke experience that night inside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

And sorry, I could not find a decent pic to add to the gallery.

2016 Joyce Cooling


Joyce beat out fellow veteran musician Michael Franks by a whisker.  And yes, I managed to profile her work that very same day–talk about clever timing.

2017 Michael Franks


Image courtesy of deezer.com

Similar to North Carolina losing out in the last seconds in 2016 to Villanova, Franks had enough guts and determination that 2017 would be his year–and it proved to be right beating upstart Bianca Rossini for the fifth annual Marco Loucura title.

What Will 2018 Bring?

Ready to find out?  Please scroll down and see how the brackets turned out.

We start with the Overall Number 1 seed in the…


1)Marina Elali

16) Marilia Medalha, popular during the 1960’s is making her first appearance

8) Marcos Valle

9) Nico Gomez

5) Gisele de Santi, the consistency just wasn’t there during the winter

12) Jorge Ben

4) Minas

13) Danni Carlos

6) Claudia Leitte

11) Patricia Talem, so happy to see her in this field

3) Quarteto Em Cy, no “Rocky Top” here, just four ladies who loved singing in the 60’s

14) Leila Pinheiro

7) Morgana King, her highest seed position to date

10) Johnny Alf

2) Bebel Gilberto

15) Chris Standring

Moving on to the Upper Right corner of your brackets, we find the…


1)Joyce Cooling

16) Soulstance vs. Bossacucanova

8) Ceu

9) Zanna

5) Sabrina Malheiros

12) Sylvia Brooks, she breaks through without racing in her heels, get it?

4) Gal Costa, last year she was a 10 seed…that constant virtual airplay helped her a lot

13) Evan Marks

6) Basia

11) Steve Barta vs. Nilson Matta

3) George Michael

14) Davide Giovannini

2) Ivan Lins

15) Sonia Rosa

Moving right along to the lower right corner, we find the Overall Number 3 seed in the…


1)Marisa Monte

16) Pery Ribiero

8) Vania Bastos

9) Tom & Julie

5) Gerardo Frisina

12) Ronaldo Folegatti

4) Les Hommes

13) Italian Secret Service

6) Baden Powell

11) Edu Lobo vs. Lani Hall

3) Wanda Sa

14) Babado Novo

7) Badi Assad

10) Brandy Volant

2) Frank Sinatra

15) Marina Lima

Finally, we have arrived at the lower left corner of your brackets.

When I speak about this woman–she has proven to us time and time again that when you stick to a plan and things ultimately bear fruit, good things will soon follow.  Very soon, she will be mentioned in the same sentence as many jazz legends that have gone before her as the tenth album of this amazing singer/songwriter from Oregon will be released to hundreds of fans who subscribed to her Kickstarter page this past October, Yours Truly Online included.

Welcome one, welcome all to the always sweet and hopefully very kind…


1)Pat Metheny

16) Ithamara Koorax vs. Monica da Silva

8) John Klemmer

9) Luisa Maita

5) Liz Rosa

12) Walter Wanderley

4) Bianca Rossini

13) Lonnie Liston Smith

6) Marcus Valle

11) Bobby Brazil

3) Djavan

14) Mark Sganga

7) Ricardo Silveira

10) Skank

2) Michael Franks

15) Beat Girls

Sadly, in the cases of the Complicated Animals, along with Toco, Sade, Sergio Mendes, Natalie Cole, Laura Fygi, Astrud Gilberto, and the aforementioned Fabiana Passoni saw their virtual bubbles burst.

Just like in years past, I will highlight in boldface the first group of winners following Tuesday and Wednesday night’s game in Dayton, Ohio.  You see, nobody is picking those games in their billions of online bracket pools since it is about playing for chump change–but it is nothing like picking up a random picanha steak or pasteis filled with beef, cheese and shrimp at a popular Rio restaurant named Garota da Urca.

My next update of the virtual brackets will be next Monday when we get down to the

Doce Dezesseis Round, or simply “Sweet Sixteen.”

For everything you wanted to know about the biggest American sporting event outside of the Super Bowl, I have a nearly 21 minute podcast on my thoughts on the real “Big Dance”.

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