Master Composers: Alexia Bomtempo Hits All The Right Notes

Her Chasing Storms and Stars album is sure to impress


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From the first moment Alexia Bomtempo sings the first note from the song searching for answers from within in “Crystallize”, to penning a long lost love letter on Track 2 in “I Thought About You”, and the only Portuguese speaking track “A Cada Canto” (translated meaning, “At Every Corner”), this jazz album is simply magnificent.

Of course, it takes almost like solving a jigsaw puzzle when you finally find where the title track was hidden.  If you listen really closely, it is located in the final forty seconds of Track 8, “Mexico”.

Other cool hits that will be definitely worth playing on repeat include, “Maybe I’m A Fool” (Track 7) and one of the rare smooth jazz songs possibly earmarked for Halloween when she penned the final track titled, “Oh the Vampyre”–remarking about crescent moons, among such devilish delights.

Overall, this album runs nearly 45 minutes and it definitely gets a five star rating in my book.  Alexia’s voice comes off so sweet and graceful, I almost think it is nearly a cross between Paula Fernandes and a touch of Bebel Gilberto.

It is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple iTunes, and other popular streaming music players.  With this being her third album coming every five years, this puts Alexia Bomtempo among the best of the best as far as Brazilian jazz artists are concerned.

Alexia, please take your place in line.  You simply deserve it.  As a loyal fan with you being a friend of this blog, I wish to say simply–

Job well done:). 



Artists Worth Checking Out–Indigo City Exudes Smooth Jazz For Any Relaxing Saturday


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I just might have found a perfect album for those people that love to hop wearing fashionable outfits before piling into the car and cruising down that Interstate highway heading towards a hip and fun party.

Or, for those people who are hosting–try to have this album on repeat along with my prior blog post of Les Hommes The Mood Is Modal while you are busy preparing dinner for that big, hungry crowd or just getting ready to crack open a few bags of chips and bottles of salsa, because Indigo City’s debut album way back in 1996 provided some really excellent smooth jazz.

Each of the ten tracks features no vocals, and on some days when there is too much chatter going on in the news and social media in this current environment–let this album attempt to calm your nerves and think nothing but positive thoughts.

Let the cool sounds of Tom Schwritz on alto sax and soprano take your breath away.  Ditto also with the nice guitar played by Russ Corvey and Mark McKee on piano.  Even on the third track, their soothing rendition of “September Samba” was done masterfully with the help of vocalists Laura Owens, Grace Cantrell, Michael Blythe, and Thelonious Smooth.

Other tracks definitely worth a deep listen include “On The Other Hand” (Track 2) and “That Saturday Song” (Track 8).  Definite belongs right up there with Fabiana Passoni, Patricia Talem, Diana Krall, and Halie Loren as my Five Star Album pick for any week.

Speaking of Halie…she was sending some more cool vibes late last night (albeit it was late Saturday afternoon in Japan) with her seventh blog update from her Kickstarter campaign.  They are around 70 percent towards the goal of making her tenth album next spring a reality.  She even took time to answer fan’s questions on her Facebook Live page, so I hope you get a chance to check it out when you get some time this weekend.

With my mind getting ready to take some credible notes before my other blog gets started up the week of October 23 at the same time the defending World Series baseball champion Chicago Cubs are trying to fend off some last ditch efforts from their pesky National Central Division rivals of the Milwaukee Brewers and their longtime rivals in the St. Louis Cardinals, it is indeed a great time to be alive.

Another artist will get profiled sometime next week as the calendar (albeit still feels like summer in most of the United States), but technically late September reminds most Americans that crisp autumn nights and the changing fall foliage are the norm like this…


Images courtesy of my own Personal Collection, taken in October during the years 2013 to 2015

Like the current Wisconsin Department of Tourism television ads cleverly say,

“These free views are only available for a short period of time.”

Please take advantage and see the gorgeous fall colors.  I have enjoyed taking time out to see my version of nature every autumn since 1987, so take a chance and enjoy it.


It’s Official–Los Angeles Chosen To Host 2028 Summer Olympics

Long awaited vote in Lima, Peru also confirmed Paris, France as 2024 host following Tokyo in 2020

Rejoice and gear up for lots of fun, to the families of Fabiana Passoni and friends of Monica da Silva.

For the first time since 1984, the land of bright lights, lipstick, and five lane Interstate highways will once again play host to a Summer Olympiad.  Although Atlanta last hosted in 1996, it will break a long dryspell for the United States that has not been seen since 1932 to Squaw Valley when CBS televised those Winter Olympics in 1960.

Congratulations also to Casey Wasserman and the rest of the Los Angeles Olympic Committee for working tirelessly in bringing one of the grandest international sporting competitions back to the greatest country in the world.

And did you know, this will be a record ninth time that the United States will play host.

According to an article posted on the Olympics page at, many well known gold medalists from Olympics past gave passionate speeches from the likes of Angela Ruggiero, Allyson Felix, and Janet Evans.  Michael Johnson, who dazzled in the track at Atlanta 1996–was also there celebrating his 50th birthday.  USOC chairman Larry Probst spoke about perseverance and it resonated very well by a simple show of hands that finally went America’s way.

After highly touted bids failed badly for New York City in 2012 and Chicago in 2016, Los Angeles initially lost out due to the fact that the original USOC choice of Boston dropped out in 2015.  This was after serious lack of loyal support and the threat of increasing state taxes on suburban residents that would have housed the athletes.

What all started bouncing in L.A.’s favor was a January 2013 letter penned by former mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to the USOC expressing interest in bidding for the 2024 Olympics.  That letter was also signed by Tom Hanks and Magic Johnson.

Once the bidding eventually settled on having Paris join L.A., other cities dropped out from the likes of Budapest, Hungary; Hamburg, Germany; and the 1960 site of Rome, Italy.

On a personal note, it is too bad we all cannot convert each one of our lifetime savings and make a time machine so we can then watch the fun again (but this time will take place more than likely on NBC on a Friday night), instead of what ABC did in their last ever Summer Olympics when those spectacular Opening Ceremonies at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum took place on a Saturday night in early August of 1984.

For more information about the venues that will be hosting the many events during the 2028 events (including a few from 1984 that will be playing to different competitions), please kindly tap or click on the link below:

Los Angeles 2024 Olympic projected ticket prices, venue map in bid book



More New Music From Many Favorite Artists You Should Check Out

A pair each of singles available for streaming and new albums from budding artists to look for during the autumn months

Happy September, my loyal blog fans!

I nearly forgot to end August by mentioning that I kindly stumbled across two recent singles from artists that I have previously covered:

On May 5, Tie (pronounced as Chee) released the single “Mexeu Comigo” (translated means, “Moved with Me”).  The video shows her in many various outdoor scenes, with two short clips in the final minute being slightly NSFW.

The other video shows good friend of this blog in Monica da Silva getting involved in some witchcraft and tarot readings on the bouncy single, “Phoenix” (perhaps she should check out the preview to Lana Del Rey’s Lust for Life album which went viral in April, totally shot in black and white).

Both songs are available on YouTube.

Regarding the news about some new albums coming out in the near future…

  • Alexia Bomtempo released a single called “I Thought About You”.  Her new album will be released on September 22 called, Chasing Storms and Stars.
  • Lori Carsillo recently managed to step back in time to the 1920’s in filming a new music video.  What will come out of that, please stay tuned.

Speaking of which, one of my recent interview subjects is slated to come out with a new album and is still a major hit in most corners of the globe.

Halie Loren recently was kind enough to share with me a page where us as loyal fans can take part in her unique Kickstarter campaign.

And there is even a really cute video starting Halie herself kindly asking fans to lend some financial support by October 1.  Fans have until 11 a.m. Eastern time that particular Sunday to help fund what would be her tenth jazz album, putting Halie in some very select company with only the best of the best as far as producing at least double digit albums.

Here is the link:

My first check of her pledge total shows she is 34.35 percent towards her $64,000 goal.  Sure, some of us had to use some of our hard earned dollars to help out the American Red Cross and other vital organizations after the record rainfall from Hurricane Harvey that affected most of Houston as well as southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana.

Please do what you can, however small an amount to help her achieve another dream and make it all come true.

More cool album reviews of past Brazilian jazz stars will return the week of September 10.  Please enjoy your long Labor/Labour Day holiday weekend for those people residing in the United States and Canada.

Artist Worth Checking Out: Mallu Magalhaes


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Celebrating her 25th birthday today and fellow Virgo just like me, Mallu was born in Sao Paolo in 1992 and got her first taste of online fame in 2008 at the then popular social media site Myspace.

Two self-titled albums would follow to close out the 2000’s, along with her 2009 tour being captured on DVD.  For five straight years beginning in 2008, Mallu was nominated for several MTV Video Music Awards in Brazil.  With her husband Marcelo Camelo and Portuguese drummer Fred Ferreira (no relation to any former or present NCAA basketball player), they teamed up to form the band Banda Do Mar in 2013.

Mallu also became a mother to daughter Louisa three days after Christmas 2015.

My profile this week features her last two albums, the mostly English singing ballads on the 2013 Highly Sensitive and the new album that was just released in late July on Amazon and most online streaming platforms called Vem (translated means, clear).

Her sound on both albums is both bubbly and good natured.  Very laid back vibe, there are so many great songs that it was very difficult for me to pick out a handful at first glance.  “Casa Pronta” is a good song on Track 3, along with “Pelo Telefone” on Track 6.  On the prior album, 7 of the 12 tracks are sung in English.  From the opening number of “You Know You’ve Got” to the title track at Track 3 and the really fun song to close the album, “You Ain’t Gonna Lose Me”, there are plenty of songs to help you get through any weekday or weekend.

If I get some time during the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend (otherwise known in most of the United States as the last true weekend of summer), I will try to post a short Q&A session with Mallu.

Feliz aniversário, Mallu e você pode ter um dia especial cheio de amor, felicidade e alegria.  Como costumo pensar em meu aniversário, espero que você esteja grato pelas pequenas coisas hoje.


Happy Birthday, Mallu and may you have a special day filled with love, happiness, and joy.  As I often think around my birthday, I hope you are thankful for the small things today.

Do Your Part, Donate Your Solar Eclipse Glasses to Schools in South America

Ginger Zee of ABC News sent out a Tweet on Monday afternoon asking people to go a Facebook page and follow a link to donate any gently used solar eclipse sunglasses to various schools throughout South America and Asia.

What an awesome idea. The more Americans do this, not only will we do the environmentally right thing–but also we could see more people around Brazil and neighboring countries do the ‘ooh’, ‘aah’, and ‘wow’ that the United States was fortunate to experience coast-to-coast for the first time since 1918.

Here is the link. Go tell your friends to do the same. The less trash, the better:


Ginger Zee, da ABC News, enviou um Tweet na tarde de segunda-feira, pedindo às pessoas que vejassem uma página no Facebook e seguissem um link para doar qualquer óculos de sol de eclipse solar de uso suave para várias escolas em toda a América do Sul e Ásia.

Que idéia maravilhosa. Quanto mais os americanos fizerem isso, não só vamos fazer o que é ambientalmente correto – mas também podemos ver mais pessoas ao redor do Brasil e países vizinhos, o ‘ooh’, ‘aah’ e ‘wow’ que os Estados Unidos tiveram a sorte de Experiência de costa a costa pela primeira vez desde 1918.

Aqui está o link. Diga aos seus amigos que façam o mesmo. Quanto menos lixo, melhor:

Artist Worth Checking Out: Agencia Zanna

In doing this blog on one of the newest artists to burst onto the MPB jazz scene, I was a bit perplexed when I tried doing my typical online search.

Instead, I first stumbled across the website, and it explains in this way what Zanna means:

“In Romanian lore zanna are creatures who guide and protect lost children. Zanna intentionally appear as figments of the child’s imagination, allowing the child to move on with confidence once guidance is no longer necessary.”

Sam Winchester, 11.08 Just My Imagination  First aired December 2, 2015 on CHCH TV, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Most of those beliefs fit neatly with my newbie artist review and the first one for 2017, if you can believe it.

Her self-titled album was released on April 20, 2017 and is on Spotify, and other online music players.  It is both a very nice and breezy listen.  Her voice gives off a very relaxed vibe, which I feel is perfect music if you are either feeling a bit blue or felt like if you survived a really rough day.

I recently gave Agencia Zanna the chance to answer some really interesting questions, so here she is:


Image courtesy of


1. Seu site falou muito sobre a marca de som. O que os músicos e os indivíduos profissionais podem fazer quando se tornam músicos ou expandindo seu ofício em alguns casos ganham com a leitura de seu livro “The Sound Life of Brands”?

Meu livro não tem tradução pro inglês ainda, ta bem ? Respondendo sua pergunta: musicos assim como em outras profissões, precisam se reinventar. O mundo tá mudando e com ele os hábitos de consumo também. Hoje, a produção de conteúdo musical não está sendo mais remunerada. A chance que o músico tem de ganhar dinheiro é tocando ao vivo e ainda assim, em certas metrópoles, pra terem alguma visibilidade precisam pagar pra tocar. Por essas e por outras, hoje, ser apenas músico, compositor ou cantor é muito pouco para se ter uma vida minimamente confortável.
Não há uma única resposta é solução pra essa equação. A resposta que eu encontrei, foi misturar meu conhecimento de música, com minha aptidão natural em comunicacao e marketing de
Experiência. Partindo disso, fui estudar branding, observei muito e tive a ideia de criar identidade sonora de marcas, Sound Branding, de
Melhorar, através da música, a experiência em
Espaços públicos e conectar artistas com as marcas através de projetos culturais. Tema esse amplamente exporto no meu livro: “A Vida Sonora das Marcas”.
Mas sinceramente, entendo que cada um precise encontrar seu próprio caminho, pois se vc não faz realmente o que gosta, se não segue seu desejo e
Crenças nada vai pra frente. Portanto é preciso se
Escutar e perceber, quais áreas além da música interessam e a partir disso compor um
produto, algo que seja útil, vendavel e alinhado as metas do milênio!


2. Que etapas você teve que superar para produzir este excelente álbum auto-intitulado (aprendendo a ajustar sua voz ou a aprender uma batida diferente de uma música bem conhecida)? Como era que ter produtores e arranjadores chave lhe deram esse som legal do Rio, embora vivam alguns oceanos em Los Angeles?

Esse disco é resultado de uma
Vida inteira de imersão pra chegar ao som,
As composições a interpretação e voz que eu queria imprimir. Fiz outros discos na minha vida, mas
Sempre compus e guardei esse conteúdo pra hora certa. Pensava que gostaria de fazê-lo com excelência, com os melhores musico e produtor do mundo, exatamente como eu queria, sem pitacos de produtores de gravadoras e etc. pra isso eu teria que ter uma infra estrutura acima da média. Precisaria além da minha obra de dinheiro pra fazer exatamente o que eu queria.
Dentre as etapas foi compor, perseguir cada vez mais o meu estilo e foi na Itália, morando no mato, que me dediquei muito fortemente a composição e recebi de presente musicas que hoje fazem parte desse álbum. Além disso queria trabalhar com um
Produtor alto nível, sensível, corajoso, que pensasse grande e principalmente não estivesse pautando na modinha. Aos poucos, o que tava impresso na minha obra foi ficando cada vez mais claro. Se tratava de música brasileira clássica, pura, mas do meu jeito. E não poderia ter encontrado proditor melhor, Moogie Canazio, já proditor de grandes nomes da música brasileira e internacionais. Ele entendeu de cara meu trabalho, nos entemks de cara, duas pessoas fortes e cheias de personalidade que somadas só podia resultar num trabalho com excelência!
Uma outra etapa importante foi a financeira. Em quanto amadurecia as ideias. Em quanto emocionalmente me preparava pra essa realizacao, fui pensar Söns pra marcas, pros espaços físicos e tem algumas músicas minhas conhecidas aí que existem pra identificar marcas como a Vivo, Metro Rio e outras … 10 anos de trabalho de sound branding consistente e inovador, me deram A infra que eu precisava pra poder ter a possibilidade de bancar meu sonho.
O resultado como pode ouvir e sabe é um disco produzido entre Rio de Janeiro e Los Angeles na Visom, Capitol e East West studio, por Moogie Canazio, brasileiro de Los Angeles, ganhador de 8 grammys e produtor de Caetano, Maria Betania entre outros grandes artistas da música internacional, disco que tem 6 arranjos com grande orquestra, cinco deles assinados por Eduardo Souto Neto e Rildo hora, Que tem a participação de grandes músicos históricos da música brasileira como Jorge Helder, Marcelo acosta, Jaime Além, Milton Guedes, Claudio Nucci , sem falar da participação de músicos americanos e latinos de renome como Team Pierce e Jamon Flores. Tá no mundo, nasceu um disco de musica brasileira na sua melhor performance possível.

3. Quais são seus objetivos com este álbum? Existem temas subjacentes em que os fãs devem se concentrar?

Em companhia desse disco, quero inaugurar uma nova fase na música brasileira, recoloca-lá na pauta dos brasileiros e amantes da música brasileira pelo mundo. Já tenho um projeto aprovado na lei de
Insentivo, estamos conversando com vários artistas e engrossando o caldo. O brasileiro merece ter acesso a boa música brasileira.
Pros fãs gostaria de dizer pra ouvirem o disco até o final. Num primeiro momento pode parecer um
Disco de bossa, mas não é. Já na terceira faixa tem Menina de Vento, uma toada que conta uma história.
Alem de ouvirem a música de trabalho Vento de Praia Nordeste, música de abertura do álbum, tem o classico, quase um standard Inverno, Tem a única música em língua estrangeira L’amore, uma
Bossa latina chic, e EU, tema meio POP, mexicano Divertido que fala sobre o feminino, tem Se, quase uma música clássica com um arranjo lindo de cordas do eduardo e participação especial de Cláudio Nucci e por fim diria Alice, um afoxé estilizado envolvente e movido. Sem falar em Bonecos reis, único samba do disco com arranjo bem particular do Rildo Hora.

4. Dê-nos um instantâneo do que é um dia ou semana típica para você no trabalho. O que você está aprendendo e ensinando diariamente / semanalmente?

Minha rotina é pela música o tempo todo. Quando vou me exercitar de manhã já tenho a minha play list. Isso eu aprendi, meu corpo precisa de exercícios. Gosto de comer pouco e bem, vou pro escritório
Onde temos estúdio. To procurando  o tempo todo entender os movimentos do mundo e me antecipar nas tendências. Elas estão ai, sempre se mostrando de forma clara, basta observar. Se a gente se
Mantém nesse fluxo a gente se
Respeita e respeita o outro também é vai pro caminho natural!
Fazer esse disco por exemplo foi também um reflexo desse exercício. Depois de toda essa crise o que mais os brasileiros e o mundo vai precisar
E se reconectar com coisas boas, que elevem, que nos deixem Mais felizes e estaremos prontos pra esse momento!

5. Com um horário cheio, veremos você possivelmente produzindo um segundo álbum ou escrevendo um segundo livro algum dia antes que esta década esteja fora?

Toda a minha agenda hora em torno da música. Comecei esse Movimento desde que nasci. Essa etapa da vida agora inclui a construção da carreira
da Zanna cantora, da mulher que deseja espalhar música pelo mundo e encantar as pessoas. Com certeza teremos um segundo, terceiro, quarto .. álbuns. Tenho mais de 300 músicas compostas e muita sede de colocá-las no mundo. Agora abri o meu baú e aos poucos vou mostrando todos os meus adereços!
Enfim, fazer música é um ato de resistência. Pra dizer ao mundo que apesar De todas as mazelas Dessa epoca complexa que a gente está vivendo, a música e espelho das nossas almas, nos alimentam, nos fazem humanos melhores! Vovó pra enfeitar, pra elevar os sentimentos pra emocionar as pessoas!

Muito obrigado por ser parte do meu blog. Você definitivamente tem uma boa voz de canto e eu não queria nada além de coisas boas em seu trabalho.


1. Your website talked a lot about sound branding. What can professional musicians and individuals when they attempt to become musicians or expanding their craft in some cases gain from reading your book, “The Sound Life of Brands”?

My book does not have English translation yet, okay? Answering your question: Musicians as well as other professions need to reinvent themselves. The world is changing and with it the habits of consumption as well. Today, the production of musical content is not being paid anymore. The chance that the musician has to make money is playing live and yet, in certain metropolises, to have some visibility they have to pay to play. For these and others, today, being just a musician, composer or singer is very little to have a minimally comfortable life.

No single answer is a solution to this equation. The answer I found was to blend my knowledge of music with my natural aptitude in communication and marketing.
Experience. From this, I studied branding, I observed a lot and had the idea of ​​creating brand sound identity, Sound Branding, from
to improve, through music, the experience in public spaces and connect artists with brands through cultural projects. Theme this amply exported in my book: “The Sound Life of the Marks”.

But honestly, I understand that everyone needs to find their own way, because if you do not really do what you like, if you do not follow their desire and beliefs–nothing goes forward.  Therefore, it is necessary to listen and to perceive, which areas (encompassing) beyond the music interest and from there to compose a
product:  something that is useful, sellable and aligned with the millennium goals!

2. What steps did you have to overcome to produce this excellent self-titled album (learning how to adjust your voice or learn a different beat of a well known song)? What was it like having key producers and arrangers give you that cool Rio sound, although they live a few oceans away in Los Angeles?

This disc is the result of a whole life of immersion to reach the sound, the compositions, the interpretation and voice I wanted to print.  I made other records in my life, but I always composed and kept this content on time. I thought that I would like to do it with excellence, with the best musician and producer in the world, exactly as I wanted it, without any pitches from record producers and so on. For this I would have to have an infrastructure above average. It would take more than my work of money to do exactly what I wanted.

Among the stages was to compose, to pursue my style more and more and it was in Italy, living in the bush, that I dedicated myself very strongly to the composition and I received from present music that today are part of this album. In addition, I wanted to work with a producer (who is held in) high level, sensitive, courageous, who thought big and mainly was not ruling the modinha. Gradually, what was printed in my work became more and more clear. It was classic Brazilian music, pure, but (done) my way. And I could not have found a better product, Moogie Canazio, already a producer of great names in Brazilian and international music. He understood from my work, in the face of the face, two strong people full of personality that together could only result in a job with excellence!

Another important step was financial–how soon did the ideas mature. As I was emotionally preparing myself for this realization, I was thinking Söns for brands, for physical spaces and there are some songs of my own that exist to identify brands such as Vivo, Metro Rio and others … 10 years of consistent sound branding work and Innovative, gave me the infra(structure) that I needed to be able to afford my dream.

The result you can hear and know is a disc produced between Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles at Visom, Capitol and East West studio, by Moogie Canazio, Los Angeles Brazilian, winner of 8 Grammys and producer of Caetano, Maria Bethania among other great artists of the international music (scene), (this) disc that has 6 arrangements with great orchestra, five of them signed by Eduardo Souto Neto and Rildo hora–which has the participation of great historical musicians of Brazilian music like Jorge Helder, Marcelo acosta, Jaime Beyond, Milton Guedes, Claudio Nucci (not to mention the participation of renowned American and Latin musicians such as Team Pierce and Jamon Flores). In the world, a Brazilian music album was born in its best possible performance.

3. What are your goals with this album? Are there any underlying themes fans should focus on?

In the company of this record, I want to inaugurate a new phase in Brazilian music, put it back in the list of Brazilians and lovers of Brazilian music around the world. I already have a project approved in the Insomniacally, we are talking to several artists and thickening the stock. The Brazilian (community) deserves access to good Brazilian music.

Pro(fessional) fans would like to say to listen to the record until the end. At first it may seem like a Bossa disk, but it is not.  Already in the third track has “Girl of Wind”, a toada that tells a story.
Besides listening to the work song “Northeast Beach Wind”, (the) album opening music, has the classic, almost a standard Winter (theme), has the only foreign language song L’amore, a
Bossa latina chic, and US/half pop theme, Mexican fun that talks about the female, has Se, almost a classical song with a beautiful arrangement of Eduardo’s strings and special participation of Claudius Nucci and finally Alice, a stylized surrounding (of) Afoxé And moved–not to mention Doll kings, the only samba of the album with a very particular arrangement of Rildo Hora.

4. Please give us a snapshot of what a typical day or week is like for you at work. What things are you learning and teaching on a daily/weekly basis?

My routine is for music all the time. When I go to work out in the morning I already have my play list. This I learned, my body needs exercises. I like to eat little and well, I go to the office where we have a studio. I’m trying all the time to understand the movements of the world and to anticipate the trends. They are there, always showing clearly, just watch. If we keep in this flow, people
respect and respect the other is also goes pro (the) natural way!

Making this record for example, was also a reflection of this exercise. After all, this crisis what more Brazilians and the world will need and reconnect with good, uplifting things that will make us happier and ready for this moment!

5. With a packed schedule, will we see you possibly producing either a second album or penning a second book sometime before this decade is out?

My whole agenda is around the music. I started this Movement since I was born. This stage of life now includes career building
The Zanna singer, the woman who wants to spread music around the world and delight people. Surely we’ll have a second, a third, a fourth … albums. I have more than 300 songs composed and very thirsty to put them in the world. Now I opened my chest and slowly I show all my props!

Anyway(s), making music is an act of resistance. To tell the world that despite all the ills of this complex time that we are living, the music and mirror of our souls, feed us, make us better humans! Grandma to spruce up, to raise feelings, to thrill people!

Thank you so much for being a part of my blog. You definitely have a nice singing voice and I wish nothing but great things in your work.